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Financial Services 

Hermes has been involved in the banking sector since its founding. Offering banking and financial services to Jordan and Iraq.


Our knowledge in the banking industry is quite extensive.

Hermes is a trusted name in the financial sector in Jordan, due to years of good service and partnership.

We provide kiosks for this industry; information kiosks, bill payment kiosks, we have a long line of self service solutions that will be of great use to lower running cost of an organization and increase output, these kiosks can also be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

One of the core business lines of the NCR corporation is the ATM and banking self service solutions.

Kiosks are taking over the financial sector, as they are much more economical for the organization to spread out. Bearing in mind these days kiosks have functionalities that equal many ATM machines.

kiosks may be considered a less secure ATM machine.

Solutions We Cover For The Financial Sector Include:

ATM Surrounds

NCR Bill Payment And Self Service Kiosks

NCR Informational Kiosks

ATM Cleaning Supplies And Full Service

ATM Paper Rolls (Receipt & Journal Rolls)

ATM Tracking & Physical Security

Complete Integrated Banking Security Solutions

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