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Hermes Named "NCR Partner of the Year 2017"

Updated: May 21, 2022

During the last ncr interact conference in Barcelona Spain, held in October. Hermes was awarded a very prestigious prize, the ncr software partner of the year. Received by our own Mr. Ramzi shweihat.

This Prize Was Awarded To Hermes In Recognition Of The Major Steps Taken In The Software Division;

From Expanding Existing Software Solutions, Introducing New Software To The Region, To Providing Ongoing Successful Support To Existing Clients.

This Prize Came As A Culmination Of The Great Work Being Done By Our Expert Support Team, Which Work Tirelessly To Keep Customer Satisfaction At An All Time High.

We At Hermes Are Very Proud And Honored To Receive This Great Recognition, As It Symbolizes The Effort And Success Happening At Hermes.

We Will Work Tirelessly To Be Awarded Such And Many More Accolades Annually.

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