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"The relationship between Safeway and Hermes started 30 years ago and is still continuing until now. During these years, we faced many challenges and obstacles in order to reach the highest quality of programs and tools to raise the level of services provided to customers. Hermes has been up to the task, and was the company that maintains standards of excellence and professionalism in all areas. I wish you more progress and prosperity"

Yaser Karazoun - IT Manager


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"We at Mujeb Organic Farm were looking for a point-of-sale solution for our weekly farmer’s market. After scouting the market for available programs, we found that what Hermes offered was the best option regarding value for money. 

The team at Hermes has been incredibly helpful and consistent throughout all the phases of integrating the new software into our workplace. They worked closely with us to optimize and tailor their service to our specific needs. 

We’re very pleased to have chosen to work with Hermes and believe that their software and customer service are truly unmatched in the local market."

Zeina Fakhreldine - Operations Manager

Mujeb Organic Farm

“We would like to thank "Hermes For IT Systems & Services" for your cooperation and speed of service in solving any problem we face that might affect our operations. Hermes provides constant and dependable support to us in every aspect of our business. Wishing Hermes continuous progress and success”

Ghanem Mohammad - IT Manager

Kentucky Fried Chicken

“I have been dealing with hermes for quite some time now; where I have worked with them through being the IT manager of Sameh mall, and then Kareem mall. Our relationship with Hermes was that of a partner and not a regular supplier.

We attest to their experience in the systems, and their excellent knowledge in the hardware machines and its maintenance. which stems from their good management and efficient, competent staff. wishing them more progress and prosperity.“
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Mohammad Ansary - IT Manager

Kareem Mall


"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding service and POS system provided by your company. As a business owner, I understand the importance of reliable and efficient point of sale technology, and your solution has exceeded my expectations.

From the outset, your sales team was incredibly helpful, providing me with a clear and comprehensive breakdown of your products and helping me select the perfect system for my business needs. The demonstration of your POS software was impressive, showcasing both its robust functionality and user-friendly interface.

The installation process was seamless, thanks to your skilled technicians who were both professional and efficient. They ensured that every component of the system was properly set up and that all of my staff were thoroughly trained on how to use the software effectively. 

Your POS software itself has been a game-changer for my business. The intuitive design has made it simple for my staff to process transactions quickly, manage inventory, and provide exceptional customer service. The reporting features have been invaluable, giving me insights into sales trends and helping me make data-driven decisions to grow my business.

Moreover, your customer service has been exemplary. Whenever I've had questions or needed assistance, your support team has been readily available, demonstrating both knowledgeability and a genuine desire to help. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that support is just a call or message on the telegram away cannot be overstated.

In conclusion, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of your POS system and the level of service provided by Hermes. You have earned a loyal customer, and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to colleagues in the industry looking for a reliable POS solution.

Thank you for your dedication to excellence and for playing a pivotal role in the success of my business."

Mohammed Affaneh - Owner

Palmetto Bistro


Jeff de Bruges

"Good IT solutions and very professional staff. Excellent after sale and maintenance follow up."

Kenza O - Owner

Jeff de Bruges

“I would like to thank our distinguished partner “HERMES COMPANY” for its upkeep in dealing with mutual respect and credibility in dealing. Through my interaction with your wonderful team over the past few years, I would thank all the people who contributed to the success of this experience and the success of the business… for good follow-up and always strive to complete all works as fully as possible. I would like to thank the support team for the quick response, the completion of the required tasks, the assistance at any time and the guarantee of the fullest work… Special thanks from the staff of Dairy Queen & Cozy Pizza Restaurants in Jordan”

Mohammad Amara - Operations Coordinator & IT Manager

Cozy Pizza

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"We are currently operating with Syrve system, we have the tablet and cash machine. The system is great… many reports can be generated from the system. It is straightforward and easy to use. The staff and helpful and the support system is immediate and quick. We tried the finger print device for clock in and clock out purposes, however, turned out to be not compatible with the tablet system. I would highly encourage the system to anyone who plans to open their own restaurant / boutique shop."

Sari Carmi - Owner


Mad Mango-English.png

Mad Mango Smoothie

"Amazing after sales service, full training and they do their best to make it user friendly."

Nisrin Jebril - Owner

Mad Mango Smoothie

"It was an outstanding experience from start to finish. Every aspect of my interaction, from the ease of use of the product to the exceptional support team, exceeded my expectations."

Zaid Ghanem - Owner

Uncle Osaka

Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 14.11.24-min.png
“I’ve been working with Hermes for more than a year now. They have honestly proven that they have the best support in Jordan. I’ve tried many different POS companies before. But nothing comes close to Hermes. I highly recommend Hermes to anyone and everyone.

The solution they gave us really exceeded my expectations. The people in the company are highly professional and extremely helpful… thank you Hermes for being a big part in our business”

Feras Tuiemeh - Owner

Beer and Burger

Luigi's Pizza Logo .jpg
“Working with Hermes IT Systems & Services has been and still remains to be a great partnership. Not only are the guys who work there extremely nice, polite and helpful, they definitely know their business. You can ask them any question, send them any problem and they always have a solution. For me, it’s not only about the sale, it’s the after-sale service that really counts… with Hermes you are guaranteed the best after sales service you can get! Knowing that if ever I have a problem with my POS that they are there to support me is an extremely reassuring feeling. I would highly recommend Hermes IT Systems & Services to everyone.”

Dana Jordan - Owner

Luigi's Pizza

Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 20.16.02.png
“The best company I have dealt with so far. Very excellent and experienced technical support. All respect to the entire team.”

Mohammad Alzoubi - Owner

Frappco Coffee Truck

“Dealing with Hermes has been a wonderful experience. From the start when I met the sales and the technical team, I instantly felt the commitment and belief towards the Aloha POS system that they represent, in addition to the NCR hardware; the knowledge they had regarding the system was also fascinating. When we started working together, their enthusiasm was outstanding. This made me feel that I really had a partner working with me. After using the system, I must say it is amazing, very user friendly and super adaptable. Above all the service that has been provided all through has been at the highest levels possible. Many thanks to the team at Hermes, I highly recommend them!”

Tareq Mushahwar - Owner

Ned's Pizza

"Best system and service."

Wadie Qabar - Owner


SmartBuy Logo -min.png

Thank you to Hermes for the NCR POS machines. We’ve been working with Hermes for around 10 years, and honestly since we started, we have not thought of changing for multiple reasons; The excellent support; they are comfortable to deal with and can manage any problem that arises. The team is very helpful and kind.

NCR devices are powerful and have proven their worth. They have been around for 10 years, and it looks like they will last for another 10. It is strong and can withstand the harshest employees and long working hours, and its appearance to our customers reflects the best image of SmartBuy.

At SmartBuy, we always offer the best to our customers, and that is why we have chosen the best.

We advise anyone who is looking for a company in this field to go with Hermes. You will save time and effort through powerful devices that keep your services and points of sale at the highest level of readiness.

Saad Al Hadidi - IT Manager


“Hermes For IT Systems and services are very helpful and professional with their service, the support is always a call away. Efficient with their work, and very knowledgeable with their product.

Hermes is highly recommended for chain restaurants.”

Sawsan Akroush - Owner & Manager


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